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30 Years of Pride in Long Beach

19 May

In 1983 the founders of Long Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride (LBLGP), Marilyn Barlow, Bob Crow, and Judith Doyle set out on a quest to take a political stand for equality and change for the gay community of Long Beach. Their mission was β€œto break the shackles of oppression of homophobia in the local community and the general population.”

Struggling against enormous opposition and hardship, Marilyn, Bob and Judy founded Long Beach Lesbian and Gay Pride, Inc. Now 30 years later, they are blessed to witness the β€œ30 Years Proud!” celebration of the Long Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride Festival and Parade, which has grown to be one of the largest in the country.

Entertainment acts included Fantasia, Kimberly Caldwell, David Hernandez, Paris Bennett, Frenchie Davis, Beverly McClellan, and Jamar Rogers.